RBJSL season dates to remember

Practice may begin after announcement of field opening by the land rep.

*Coaches Meeting is at the Fleetwood Middle School - failure to attend will result in a $25.00 fine. Fines will be deducted from coaches credits or other reimbursements whichever occurs first.


  • Please click on the "coaches" tab for valuable information regarding game procedures, score reporting, etc.
  • Game cards will be handed out at the coaches meeting.
  • Season player and coaches passes will be distributed by the registrar once teams are approved and passes are available from the league.
  • Excel spreadsheet for game lineup is to be used for each game-One copy goes to opposing coach and one to the referee. (NO PASS - NO PLAY - NO COACH)
  • The Season schedule will be posted on the RBJSL website after the coaches meetings.


The Following Information must be given to GMSC registrar ASAP

Email to:  You are not permitted to Coach without these items!!!!

  • Each coach must provide a wallet size photo for their coach's pass.
  • All coaches must complete the Risk Management through the youth leagues website after you have provided all contact info and coach's account has been created for you.
  • Please provide the registrar with current email address and phone numbers (home and cell)
  • ALL game cards and PASSES MUST be handed in at the conclusion of each season. Especially, between the fall and spring seasons! DO NOT hold onto your cards, you will receive them back before the start of the spring season.
  • Child Abuse and Criminal History reports are mandatory for coaching staff. The link for the forms can be located on the Links tab.
  • All equipment, passes, and game cards must be handed in to receive your coach's credit. Credits are typically issued to the coaches account within 60 days of notice from the age group coordinator that all requirements have been met and all outstanding matters resolved.


  • GMSC teams are encouraged to enter the Berks Classic hosted by Mifflin and Exeter Soccer Clubs as well as other approved EPYSA tournaments.
  • Please keep in mind teams that need passes for tournaments must submit requests to the registrar 3 weeks prior to the event registration deadline.
  • If you are entering a patch Tournament, please contact Chris Miller to schedule patch pick up at least 10 days prior to the Tournament. DO NOT wait until the day/weekend of the tournament!



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